Remote Calibration

EnviroMonitor is a multi-device multi-protocol compatible data acquisition and management software. The software has an installed base of over 650 units across India and complies with the data management guidelines of various state Pollution Control Bodies as well as CPCB, New Delhi.

ENVIRO MONITOR comprises of suite of user-friendly reports that serve the needs of internal teams as well as compliance requirements. Reports that are part of the current version are
- Live dashboard
- Data / statistical reports
- Diurnal reports
- Alarm reports
- Summary Reports – Daily, Monthly, Yearly
- Automated reports through email
- Automated alerts through email and SMS

Inbuilt Library of protocols

Most of the popular protocols are part of the library such as  Horiba / DKK-TOA / Oliver-IGD / SKC Inc. / Thermo Fisher Scientific / Met One Instruments / Spectrum Weather / Siemens / MIP-POY / Madur / Teledyne / Durag / 3M / IN-SITU Inc. / FPI / LAND Instruments etc. Robust methodology to add new protocols

Multi-Device Multi-Protocol enabled

The software is agnostic to the device manufacturer and is built to work across has been built independent of the manufacturer. It can acquire data from any device using the standard digital communication protocols such as SDI-12, MODBUS, RS 422, RS 233 and RS 485. Analog communication can be established using any standard A/D converter.

Built for India

The software has been built from scratch for the India market. NK Square has incorporated continuous feedback from the industry. This is an ongoing process and we expect the software to rapidly evolve over the future versions

Regulatory Compliance

The Software has been built keeping in mind the compliance requirements of pollution monitoring / controlling authorities in India. The guidelines and feedback is incorporated into the product in a continuous manner.

Endless Security Service

A host of security features are part of ENVIRO MONITOR starting with encryption of database, audit trail of database changes, hardware dongle to prevent unauthorized usage, automated data back-up and periodic archival of database.

Modular Design

The software has been built given the diverse needs of the users and the regulatory authorities. ENVIRO MONITOR is one of the three components of the larger solution and is the critical one. Along with ENVIRO MONITOR, there is a central version for clients with multiple stations and ENVIRO MONITOR MASTER to transmit the data to CPCB / SPCB.

Display Board Management

One of the important compliance requirements is the dissemination of data to the general public through large Display Boards at the source of emissions. ENVIRO MONITOR has an exclusive module to manage the messaging requirements of customers. Customers can integrate custom messages with environment data to share with the public.


The software presents data in rich visual and easy to comprehend graphs. Weather data is presented through Wind and Pollution Rose diagrams.

Large user base

With a larger user base spread across India and multiple industries, the software has evolved to be robust. We are confident that it encompasses all use-cases in the industry.


Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) for stack gases

CEMS is a facility to measure flow, dust, concentration of air pollutants (such as SO2, NOx, CO etc), and other parameters according to requirements. NK Square is supplying integrated and engineered solutions for Continuous Emission Monitoring applications. We are authorized by Horiba India Pvt Ltd. to market and distribute their CEMS product ENDA-5000 Stack Gas Analysis System,with Instantaneous output of the parameters like NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, O2. These systems have a smaller footprint, and use cross-flow modulated non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) detection with a magnet-pneumatic detection method that is inherently drift-free.


Effluent Quality Monitoring System

Water Quality Monitoring System (WQMS) is a facility to measure pollutants such as Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Total Phosphates (TP), Total Nitrogen (TN) etc. The required parameters are customized according to the type of factory and discharge regulations. We are authorized by Horiba India Pvt Ltd. to market and distribute OPSA – 150 Organic Pollutant Monitor. This product adopted HORIBA’s proprietary rotary cell length modulation method, a measuring technique incorporating 25 years of expertise. This method is the landmark because cell length modulation and wiper cleaning are performed simultaneously. Using this method, stable data can be obtained constantly for long periods even in harsh drainage environments. Using this device the parameters that can be monitored are COD, BOD, TSS, pH. OPSA-150 also excels in measurement of both low and high concentrations. It can be used in diverse fields including extremely contaminated water discharge sites. NK Square supplies the other Horiba manufactured portable devices like Industrial pH meter, Industrial ORP meter, Industrial Conductivity meter, sanitary conductivity meter, resistivity meter, dissolved oxygen meter and residual chlorine meter.

Remote Calibration

Real time remote calibration - AS per CPCB guidelines

The instruments/ analysers for real time monitoring of gaseous emissions shall be calibrated with respect to their functioning, drift, linearity detection limit, output, operating temperature and other relevant parameters and the system shall be rechecked for its health and data accuracy and reliability, following multi point calibration (at least 03 span concentrations) using standard methods and certified reference materials. NKSS has implemented a system that checks for the zero calibration and span calibration check for the analyzers. We have through remotely, and submitting the results to CPCB. In fact we are the first one’s in the market to design and manufacture a customized device NKSS EnviroCal™ device that performs multipoint calibration designed our NKSS EnviroCal™ device such a way that it suits and works for any make of the analyzer.

The data comparison and calibration verification shall be done by CPCB. The health of the instruments/analyzers shall be assessed on daily basis at fixed time by checking the zero drift. The instruments/ analysers shall be rechecked for zero and span drift using standard methods and standard reference materials. The drift needs to be recorded and suitably incorporated in the data collected over the period. NK Square has implemented the online remote calibration check facility at various industries and demonstrated the same to CPCB and SPCB’s. During the online remote calibration check is being performed we record the diagnostics data and submitting the same to CPCB for their reference, which defines the healthy ness of the instrument. CPCB is verifying the calibration check results after performing it.